Sunday, 9 November 2014


A couple of weeks ago I was up staying with some family in Scotland and decided to take a little trip up to Edinburgh one day. I've been there countless times, particularly when I was younger but it was nice to view the city in a new perspective now that I'm older, and I'm actually regretting not putting it down as one of my uni choices.

After arriving into Edinburgh on the (albeit annoyingly delayed) train we headed straight to the Royal Mile for a coffee break. We visited Deacon's House Cafe, which weirdly I remember going to as a child- it still seemed so familiar despite being at least 7 or 8 years ago. I had a delicious piece of banoffee cheesecake which kept me going for quite a while. Next on my agenda was fudge- god, I'm a sucker for something sweet with fudge being one of my faves. The Fudge House is down the bottom of the Royal Mile and had a ridiculous number of flavours which meant the decision was tricky, but in the end I settled for a bar of chocolate orange (despite being very tempted by the pumpkin spice).

Then after a quick visit to Topshop (had to be done) and a purchase made, we took a stroll through Princes Gardens which was looking so autumnal- it definitely felt it too! We also wandered round the National Gallery which I always enjoy doing- I remember once going in there and the artist Tracey Emin was filming something which is cool because I really admire her work.

It was well past lunchtime by this point so we decided it was time for a nibble. A family member has recommend The Dome, which is a large bar and restaurant. We spotted it a mile off due to the outrageous Christmas decorations. Hard to believe it was only October but it really made us feel as if we were in a Christmas film and was quite magical really. In typical me style, I had a Bramble cocktail to drink along with a huge plate of nachos to share. Sitting in a Christmas grotto eating nachos- does it get any better?!

We did do a bit more shopping after that, popping into the likes of Zara and Scribbler before catching the train home feeling exhausted. The family we were staying with live in a small, relatively rural village so the contrast between that and the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh reminded me just how much I adore city life- living somewhere quiet just isn't for me!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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