Friday, 19 December 2014

A New Coat (At Last!)

Coat- TK Maxx // Jeans- Miss Selfridge // Top- Primark // Boots- TU

I feel like I've been stuck in a bit of an outerwear rut for a while now, torn between my duffle coat (which I often feel too bulky in) or my denim jacket (which leaves me feeling pretty chilly sometimes). No more though, as this coat is the perfect solution. I was leaving work the other day when I spotted it on my way out and had to head to the tills to buy it as it was perfect. The fit feels like it was made for me and it's incredibly flattering. I also feel like monochrome doesn't ever go out of style, plus it's a really classic shape so I shouldn't get bored of it either. It didn't cost me too much which is a bonus and I can see me getting lots of wear out of this.

Olivia Ellen XXX

1 comment:

  1. That's such a stylish coat, I love it! :) x


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