Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Glitter Nails x3

There's nothing better than a good glittery nail to brighten my day and today I'm sharing with you me top three ways to achieve this princess perfect nail look!

I recently reviewed this new Sally Hansen Gem Crush nail polish so I won't go into detail about it here but I think this is such a pretty colour. It has a good mixture of glitter particles and is easy to fully cover your nails. The shade is Razzle Dazzler and only costs £6.99. Similarly, this Nails Inc polish is also great quality- this is one of their 'Couture' bottles and was a gift- you choose the lid, shade and add a message so if you know someone who loves doing their nails, this would make a fab Christmas gift! I can't find this shade online but there are some similar ones. It also has a good mixture of glitter particles and has a lovely finish on the nails. If I have to compare these, I'll say this- the Sally Hansen is beautiful it chips quite easily, and while the Nails Inc one does cost more (£11 I believe) it is a bit more long lasting so I guess it depends whether you want to spend more for a long lasting look or something cheap and cheerful.

I do also love false nails, although I don't feel I need to wear them at the moment as my nails are at a really good length. Anyway. I haven't worn this particular pair but I know that Elegant Touch nails are great quality as I've worn other styles from them. I actually have two glittery sets at the moment- these are the Razzle Dazzle colour and I also have the Red set. Again, these aren't exactly long lasting but they look amazing and so if you have a special event and want something you can quickly do yourself, I'd really recommend these. They're a little bit pricier than nail polish at just over £7 but they're slightly quicker and if you have short nails, just look that little bit fancier.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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