Friday, 23 January 2015

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick // Review

I was fortunate enough to be given a voucher for Christmas to spend on beauty in Debenhams. Looking at beauty counters is always exciting and I come away covered in swatches. I wanted to try something for a new brand (rather than MAC or Bare Minerals where I often spend my time) so after much deliberation, I settled on a Bobbi Brown lipstick in the shade Crushed Plum. When it comes to bold colours, you'll know I rarely do anything other than a matte finish. The Creamy Matte range is exactly as it sounds- it applies like a regular creamy lipstick but has a natural matte finish as it dries. Unlike some, it doesn't feel chalky or drying when you apply it so straight away I was impressed.

The shade itself is lovely- I did have doubts that it would be quite similar to a Sephora lipstick I own (which I rarely wear due to the creamy finish) but it's slightly more warm, berry toned which I think suits me a bit more. One downside perhaps is the shape of the bullet- it's round so personally I make a bit of a mess unless I line my lips with a lip brush first, but I can work with that. Applied alone, this has reasonable wear time but to really boost this, I apply it with a lip brush over my lips, then blot on a tissue, apply another layer from the bullet, then finish with Lipcote. I did this when I had a trip to London a couple of weeks ago and was so impressed- while it had faded a little throughout a day of much eating and drinking, it had done so evenly without leaving a horrible line around the edge of my lips, even after at least 12 hours wear. 

While, at £19.50, the price is pretty steep (let's just say I'm glad I had a giftcard) I've really fallen for this lip stick. If I fancied a bit of a special treat in the future, I'd definitely consider picking up another shade from the Creamy Matte range, and I'd probably even choose on of these over a MAC lipstick now. If you're a matte lover like me, I cannot recommend these enough.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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  1. I love this colour! great post :) x


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