Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Shoe Unboxing // River Island Snakeskin Slippers

I'm on a bit of a major clear out at the moment- I have so many clothing items that I don't wear but keep "just in case". This includes shoes so I got rid of a fair few pairs and then reassessed my collection. What I found I was missing was a pair of smart flats that I could wear for an evening out. I have some very fancy ones (my ASOS Sugar Rush heels are perfect for that) but decided to go on the hunt for something smart but not too fancy.

I don't often shop on River Island but I'm glad I had a look because I adore the shoes I chose. The slipper shape is really nice and simple but the details are what make them really special. The stone grey colour will go with pretty much everything and is a bit different to the black that I would probably go for normally. The box on the front is fabric and contrasts with the gorgeous textured snakeskin pattern on the toe. The wooden heel is also trimmed with a gold edging which just finishes of the shoe in a really lovely way.

They cost £28 which I was pretty happy to pay because they feel quite sturdy and good quality. They have a quilted insole which is a nice touch and certainly makes them more comfortable but just from wearing them around the house I can tell they'll need a bit of breaking in- the heel particularly is quite firm so I may find myself sticking some gel pads in the back until they soften up a bit, but apart from that I'm so pleased with them! They'll look great with just jeans and a top and are perfect for when I don't want to wear heels for an evening out.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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