Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Maybelline Super Stay Nail Polishes

L-R: Crystal Clear, Surreal, Berry Stain, Rose Poudre, Porcelain, Golden Brown

If you had asked me a year ago what my favourite nail polishes were it would have been hard for me to give you a certain answer, but now it's an easy decision- the Maybelline Super Stay Nail Polishes are my favourite by far and I have tried a fair few to know this for sure. Firstly, there's a great range of shades so there's definitely something for everyone. Secondly, they're a really affordable price. The brush is a flat paddle brush making it so quick and easy to apply and while two coats makes them super opaque, you can get away with just one if you're in a rush. But the best thing about them is the staying power- nail polishes usually chip really easily on my nails even with a base and topcoat, but these are an exception to the rule. I use the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength as a base, apply two coats of the colour, then finish with the matching top coat and I can get 4-5 days wear before they look too messy. Occasionally there are small chips but they're not too noticeable so I'm happy to leave the colour on. 

At the moment I'm wearing the shade Berry Stain which isn't the most summery but I don't really feel like wearing neons on my nails when the weather is so dull! My favourites though are Rose Poudre, as it's pretty much the perfect nude shade for my skin, and Golden Brown which is a gorgeous metallic rose gold on the nails and I'm pretty sure would be flattering on anyone. If you haven't tried this range, what are you waiting for?! 

Olivia Ellen XXX

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