Sunday, 7 June 2015

Shoe Unboxing // New Balance 996 in Mint

So before I talk about the shoes, I want to first declare my love for the new style of Schuh stores. Apart from the huge range that they stock, the new system means that they can check whether they have shoes in stock before going into the storeroom, meaning no more hanging around while they hunt for a pair in your size. Also they have multiple tills mounted on walls around the store meaning no more waiting in a queue. Receipts are emailed to you, you have a whole to return a pair and just generally I had a really pleasant shopping experience there. Anyway, now for the good stuff!

I have most definitely over-worn my black Nike trainers. I bought them last summer and have gotten so much wear out of them that I decided it was time to get myself another pair of trainers. I wanted something summery but that would also go with everything (beautiful as the floral pairs are they're much harder to wear!). I went for the New Balance 996 shoes in this beautiful mint green colour (I've also seem them in lilac elsewhere but decided the green was more me). They originally came with white laces in them but I switched them for the green that came in the box just to add even more colour.

Obviously the main reason I love them is because they are so comfortable. They don't need any breaking in like most shoes I buy so I've been able to walk a long way in them straightaway. They're also a little slimmer than my Nikes, so slightly more daintier so I think they'll work well with dresses and bare legs when the sun is out. They look fantastic with my new white jeans and I just know I'll get so much wear out of them. While I would normally think that £65 is a lot for a pair of shoes (I did also get 10% student discount off this price too- bonus!) I think when it comes to trainers it's completely worth it because they really last well and if I think in terms of price-per-wear I just can't complain!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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