Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Max Factor Crème Puff Review

Max Factor Crème Puff is a product that isn't particularly new, but is new to me. I was just browsing through some make-up online when I stumbled across this, I had never heard of it before and was really interested in trying it. Max Factor describe it as 'complete all in one make-up' and that 'glamorous skin is simple to achieve with the luxurious finish of this high-coverage powder'. I bought this product a few weeks ago and have been trying it out for you since then.

Best for: Medium coverage but with a light feel on your skin. Leaves skin looking smooth and even, it lightly covers oily skin but doesn't completely mattify, so you're left with a natural finish.

How I use it: As I say, I bought this product a few weeks ago and I've used it quite a lot of times since then. I've discovered that it has a lot of different uses:
- As a powder foundation
- As a setting powder
- For contouring
The product comes with a sponge pad to apply the powder with, which I used a few times, but because of the coverage, I actually prefer to use a large powder brush to apply it with as you're left with a more even finish. So as I say, to use this as a powder foundation, I apply my moisturiser and primer to my face, and then just sweep this over my whole face with a big brush. This is best if you want really nice natural looking make-up. For a setting powder, once I've applied my face make-up (eg foundation, concealer etc) I just apply this very lightly over the top to lightly mattify my skin and hold the make-up in place. Finally, for contouring, using an angled blusher brush (mine is from Elf, click here to view) just sweep upwards on your cheekbones to define your face.

Packaging: It's really simple, just a black compact, and it's lightweight meaning I would happily carry this around with me in my bag.

Any good? Yes actually. I'm so pleased that I bought this, because I've been looking for something like this for a while. It's perfect for lazy days when you don't want to completely do your make-up, and great for on holiday too when you don't want to be piling things onto your skin. I bought the shade number 34 'Sun Frolic' which I think is slightly too dark for my natural skin, but luckily because I was in the sun on holiday, it matches my tanned skin a bit better.

Price: So this was £5.99, and I definitely think that it's worth the price if it lasts. It seems to be doing quite well so far, but only time will tell whether it's worth the money.

Max Factor's Crème Puff is available from their website here and also from Boots here.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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