Monday, 5 November 2012

Trend of the Week: Bodies

Hiya guys! Today is a trend of the week for you, and it's a trend which isn't specifically in at the moment, as certain shops such as American Apparel and Motel Rocks but I've seen a lot of really great bodies lately that I thought I'd show you some of my favourites.

So I'll begin with just a basic body which is from American Apparel and this one costs £27. I've always really thought about bodies when someone says American Apparel because they have such a huge range- this one is perfect for winter as you can layer it because it's just black, and the long sleeves add a bit more texture and warmth. I would probably wear this with a skater skirt and boots, and then throw on a baggy jumper and a vintage scarf to make it a bit more interesting.
So next from Motel is a body which I adore- this has such an amazing print because it's so vibrant and different. I like the neckline, I think it's very wearable (more so than a strapless one in my opinion). I think I would probably wear this more for a night out, maybe with some disco pants or a bodycon skirt. This costs £22 but I think it's actually in the sale at the moment for only £12 which is an absolute bargain!

Next from Topshop (surprise, surprise) is this really gothic punky studded body which is pretty expensive at £60. It's definitely a statement piece and would really take centre stage in an outfit. I think if styled correctly, it could be pulled off for both day and night- for day with some skinny jeans and Doc Martins, and for evening with some leather shorts and some chunky boots (Jeffrey Campbell's for example).
I'm cheating slightly with this last one because it's actually a unitard from ASOS and I can't explain to you why I like this so much really- the print is great and the cut-out detailing on it is really edgy, but the only thing is that I don't know how or where on earth I would wear this. It's SO different and SO out there that it would be hard to wear- possibly you could wear jeans over it so it looks like a body, or a top over it so it looks like leggings but otherwise I don't think I would walk around the shops in it.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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