Wednesday, 19 December 2012

'Elegant Touch' False Nail Review

Hiya guys, today I'm going to be talking to about the 'Elegant Touch' false nails which I bought last weekend, and I bought them in the limited edition 'Glitter Graphite' which are basically a grey/black glittery nail in the short length.

So I've only worn false nails once before and they were the Press on Manicure by 'ImPress', and I did really like them because of the sticky back tabs, and these are pretty similar to apply.

In the kit you get 24 fake nails in all different sizes; 24 sticky back tabs and a mini nail file. To begin with I cleaned my nails with a nail polish remover pad, and then pushed back my cuticles. For each nail I chose the right size tab, stuck it to my nail and then found the right nail size to match. Then I peeled back the top layer of the tab and stuck the fake nail on.

Here is a picture of the final result:

What I like about them: each nail has a very small number embossed on the reverse side of the nail, meaning you can find the matching nail really easily. I also love the sticky back tabs, they are easy to apply and feel really really strong. I have some nails and some tabs left over so if any nails so come of I can replace/re-stick them which is a bonus for me.

Downsides: Although these nails say 'short' on the packet, I personally still think these are pretty long on me, and they are quite hard to file. However, they do loads of sizes of the nails from extra-small to extra-long, so I may get the smaller length if I bought these again.

Price: These nails were £7.10 for the pack which are slightly more expensive than some of their other nails and I think this is because they are limited edition, they are a glitter finish and because they come with the sticky back tabs. To be honest, I'm quite happy to pay that amount of money as long as they last.

More from 'Elegant Touch': I love the fact that 'Elegant Touch' also sell a pack of 24 sticky back tabs separately  and they also sell a solution which removes these nails- you just soak your finger in there for about 15 minutes and in dissolves the tabs so the nails come off much easier without damaging your natural nails. There are a lot of different colours and styles available of this brand of false nails so I would love to try some of them.

So far, I would give these nails an 8 out of 10, however this will change depending on how long they last on my nails. I'll probably do a comparison between these nails and the 'ImPress' ones next week, so look out for that.

'Elegant Touch nails are available from Superdrug and Boots here.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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