Monday, 17 December 2012

Trend of the Week: Oxblood

So this weeks trend is going to be all about the colour oxblood/burgundy. Now this trend was around last year, I actually bought quite a few items in this colour last year but it came back this winter bigger than ever. I think this colour is very luxurious and can be a bit gothic, so I'm going to show you four items I'm loving in oxblood:

The first item is this dress from Topshop which is £48, and I think it's so gorgeous- obviously the colour is really rich, and I love the lace on the bodice, the back of the dress is actually completely lace and I think that is really lovely. Also the shape is really nice, and the chiffony layer underneath the skirt is lovely. This is definitely a lovely dress for Winter, perfect for those parties, and I think if you wanted a cover-up to go with this a faux fur jacket would look fantastic.

So the next item is another dress, this tunic dress is from River Island and is only £20. I love this because I think it can be worn in many different ways. Firstly the black panels down the side can give you the illusion of being slimmer, this would look great with some black tights and a jacket and boots for a really loose casual look, or you could wear it over some leggings, add a belt and a biker jacket for a more tailored fit to the dress.

So the next item which I adore at the moment is this bag from Urban Outfitters which is £48 (I actually asked for the green one of this for Christmas) and I just love this bag so much! The colour looks lovely in this faux leather material  I think it actually makes it look like real leather. The barrel shape is so in right now, it really goes with the kind of 'heritage' trend I've been spotting a lot lately. Another thing I love are the gold accents- I love the way the gold colour goes with the oxblood, it kind of gives a vintagey look which is gorgeous.

So the reason I wanted to talk about oxblood today is because the colour can be spotted on some many different items of clothing, and this jumper from ASOS is the perfect example of that. It costs only £16, a real bargain in my eyes, and this item is just so different from the other three I have shown you today- this one is a lot more slouchy, a lot more casual than the others, but it still looks great. This could be worn with jeans or leggings, and I think it would also look great with a shirt underneath with just the colour showing- it's a great way to instantly smarten up an outfit.

So those are just a few items that I am loving in oxblood, if there are any trends you want me to talk about in one of these posts then let me know in a comment below and I'll do my best with it!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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