Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Garnier Moisture Match 'Tailor-Made Moisturisers'- Reviews

Recently I received some samples from Garnier of their new moisturisers, and I was super excited to try them. I actually received two packets of samples so I ended up with a sample of all five different formulas.

'We're all different right? Well so is our skin! With a variety of specialised textures and carefully selected ingredients, each Moisture Match is customised to address specific skin conditions.' 
As I say, there are five different moisturisers in the range, and I have to say when I first heard about them I was a little disappointed as I didn't think any of them were particularly suited to my skin but I decided to try them all out anyway.

The sample packets looked quite small but there was enough in them for about 2 applications so I used a different one each day to really see what I thought of it.

And here is what the packaging looks like:

I think they look really cute, the fact that each has an individual colour is something I like a lot.

So on to the actual reviews, I'm going to try and keep it short. Obviously I can't say a huge amount about each one as I haven't been using a particular one for a prolonged period of time but here are my first impressions anyway:

Start Afresh- for normal/dry skin: this was a very thick cream, it had a fresh clean smell which I liked. It also soaked in very quickly and seemed to work quite well on my areas of dry skin and it wasn't particularly oil either.
Goodbye Dry- for dry/very dry skin: ok, so admittedly I don't have very dry skin but I did find this worked wonders on the dry areas that I do have. Again, this was a thick cream, although this took a bit longer to soak in. I would say it had a slightly floral scent but it wasn't too strong so it wasn't unpleasant.
Wake Me Up- for dull skin: this had a very strange texture, almost like a clear gel. The smell was slightly fruity but also slightly antibacterial which I have to say I wasn't a fan of, but it did leave my skin feeling very smooth and I can see this being a good base for makeup.
Shine Be Gone- for combination/oily skin: this one didn't get on with me at all; although I have combination skin this just seemed to make it more oily and took forever to soak in.
Protect & Glow- for normal skin: I didn't really get on with this one, it felt very oily and took a long time to soak into my skin. I also didn't notice much difference after using it.

If I had to buy one moisturiser from the range it would have to be 'Start Afresh', I just felt this did the most good for my skin. Next time I'm in need of a new moisturiser and can see myself reaching for this one.

Garnier Moisture Match Moisturisers are £5.99 and are available here.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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