Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Summer Haul- Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Office etc

I've got quite a few items to show you this month- a few of them are things I've been wanting for a while, and some of the other items are things I'll need for my holiday in about a month. The weather was so lovely again today so thought I'd take my pictures outside! I'll just get on with it-

First of all are these shorts which I've wanted for months! I featured them in my June Wishlist post and was so glad to finally get my hands on them. I love the distressed hems and the neon floral embroidery is gorgeous- it makes these shorts a little more original than just a normal pair of denim. They have a nice tight fit and are quite short but not too revealing luckily! I can see myself getting so much wear out of these in the sun.
£35, Topshop

Next up are these jelly sandals which I picked up for my holiday in July- I need to have some comfy, sturdy shoes for walking in, but these will also stop my feet getting too hot. I was a bit sceptical that they wouldn't be comfy but I love them. I love the silver sparkles inside the clear plastic, it's so cool and kind of futuristic.
£20, Office

So I picked up two nail polishes, both of which I have had my eye on for so long. First of all is a Topshop polish called 'Venus Fly Trap' which I saw online, but couldn't find it in store for ages. When I spotted it I was so pleased, as I adore the colour. It's a light apple green colour, it's quite bright with yellow undertones, it's so pretty and perfect for summer. I won't talk about the staying power etc as you probably know how much I love Topshop polished by now! The second is a silver Barry M polish- it's a 'nail effects' one, although it's only a metallic one, and it's just an excuse to charge an extra pound for it. I bought this to wear to my prom, as it will match perfectly with my accessories and be a nice finishing touch.
£5, Topshop and £3.99, Boots

This maxi dress is again, for my holiday. This will be perfect for when I can't have my legs out, but it's still really pretty. The paisley pattern is a little different, and I like the overlay on top as it just adds a bit of texture  and interest. The length is perfect for me (I'm 5 foot 4 and so usually things are too long for me) as it is a couple of centimetres off the floor so means I can walk easily without tripping over which I'm prone to do!
£37, Miss Selfridge

Finally is this hat, which will be perfect for keeping the sun off my face on holiday. It's pretty much a fedora with a wide brim, it's made of straw and is a perfect fit for my head. I love the neon pink thread around the brim as it is very simple but wouldn't look right without it.
£22, Accessorize 

Hope you enjoyed, have you been picking up anything for the summer?

Olivia Ellen XXX

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