Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Totally Tropicana

Top- Topshop
Leggings- Topshop
Jacket- New Look
Shoes- Dune
Lips- Please Me by MAC

This outfit comprises of a few items of clothing that I forgot I owned. Does it ever happen to you, where you buy something, wear it a few times and then forget about it, only to rediscover it months later? Yeah, well that with this top. I bought it in the sale a while back and love how super flattering it is- tight around the bust and then loose as it comes down. Plus I love that you have to tie the back up, as it leaves a cute cut-out in the back. Other things I forgot about are this jacket which I think compliments the look perfectly and these cross earrings which are just cute and dainty. 

Olivia Ellen XXX

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