Monday, 16 September 2013

Collective Haul- Topshop, New Look, Paperchase etc

I have a huge haul for you today! I feel like I've bought a lot recently but in all honesty, most of these things are things I've wanted/needed for a while now and have just recently got the money so I'm really thrilled with what I got.

Ah, the shoes of death. These faux suede loafers are from New Look, and when I bought them I already had a list of outfits I could wear them with. My problem is that they are so uncomfortable! The first time I wore these I decided to walk to town but within half an hour I had huge blisters on both feet, they were just awful. I'm not sure whether it's just a case of needed to break them in but I've bought some gel inserts to hopefully make them more comfortable. We will see!

Next up is this gorgeous bag from River Island. It's really big so I'm going to be using this for school, I'll be able to fit all my folders and textbooks in this hopefully! I love the monochrome bag with the plum accent colour, plus the quilting is lovely. The handles are long enough to get on your shoulder although you could also carry it on your arm, and it comes with a long strap too which would be useful if the bags gets too heavy.

I spoke a couple of weeks ago about my obsession with Paperchase so I picked up this notebook from there for my a-level work. I already have the small version of this but I prefer this one as it has dividers built in so it keeps things organised. I then bought these super cute cat stickers from there also to decorate it with!

So next up is the most exciting item- I bought a pair of Mom jeans! These are sold in Topshop and come in a range of colours, I bought one of the lightest washes as I don't have a pair of jeans this colour at the moment. I'm pretty sure I was like everyone else when I first saw these jeans: I laughed, 'who would ever wear these?!' (having worn skinny jeans religiously for years it was hard to imagine wearing anything else). One day, I decided to try some on for a laugh and it turned out I actually really loved them! I love the high-waisted fit and how they are tight around the bum and then just skim down, plus the ankle grazer length is really flattering. They're quite pricey but I know they're going to be worth it.

Finally, I picked up the Real Techniques Core Collection brushes at last! I've had my eye on these for so long but couldn't quite bring myself to spend £22 on them. Luckily I found them on eBay for £19 so a little cheaper and I've been wearing liquid foundation more regularly these days so decided it was time to get them. You get four brushes which are perfect for creating a nice base- they're great but the only one I don't like is the precision brush, as it's too small to really use on the face, I'd rather use it for my eye make-up/eyebrows. They're also really easy to clean an are great quality. (Apologies for no pictures- they're filthy and need a clean!)

Olivia Ellen XXX

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