Monday, 2 September 2013

My Lip Balm Collection!

I would say I have a fair sized lip balm collection, and I do like all of these- I tend to not keep things that I really dislike but I thought I'd just share my lip balms with you and give you a little information about each as I've never fully reviewed any of these.

I'm not sure if I'd class my Revlon Lip Butter as a lip balm but it is moisturising so I thought I'd include it. I have the shade 'Strawberry Shortcake' and I just love the glossy, moisturising finish without the colour being too overpowering. Mine's looking a little mushy at the moment, I'm not sure why but I'm sure I can get it back looking normal!

Next up are my Maybelline Baby Lips in the shades 'Cherry Me' and 'Shocking Pink'. I find these to be reasonably moisturising with a light colour pay-off (Shocking Pink has the boldest colour) and I love the packaging.

Both of these are Chapsticks although one has now lost the label! I have one Apple and one Cherry, I really like the flavours and these are pretty moisturising, I like to apply these while I do my make-up to allow them to soak in before I apply lipstick. Plus they're super cheap, only about £1 in Boots.

I love this mini tin of Nivea, I apply it to my lips every night before I go to bed and I just find it to be so nourishing and my lips feel great when I wake up. Obviously it's not ideal for in the daytime because it's white but I would still recommend it.

I picked up this EOS lip balm in America last month. It's not brilliant- I bought it due to the cute shape and the sweet berry smell. In terms of moisturising, it's not that good. It lasts for a short while and my lips, and is ok but doesn't make them any worse so I'll keep using it. You can get a similar style product in Boots called 'Balmi'- they're in cube pots in a range of colours but they are much more expensive (£4.99 I think).

Finally is my favourite. My Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream smells incredible and is the most moisturising lip balm that I've used. I apply this regularly throughout the day and it is so creamy and makes my lips feel lovely and soft. I love the raspberry flavour too.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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