Monday, 30 September 2013

Trend of the Week: Tartan

I adore tartan- this trend ties in to the 'Trend of the Week: Punk' which I shared with you a few weeks ago, as when someone says punk, I automatically think of tartan. I've been thinking about tartan trousers for a while now and I think these cigarette-style ones from Topshop are great. With a baggy grey top and some loafers this would be a great look. A simple way to wear tartan would be this lose fitting cardigan from Boohoo, as it would just be a great item to throw on on a cold day to add a little warm and pattern to a simple outfit.

A classic tartan item would be a tartan skirt, and I love this one (from Miss Selfridge) as it doesn't have the classic 'kilt' shape. It's a-line, I like the zip detail and the darker red and green are really interesting. Finally, my favourite item takes the form of this tartan pinafore from ASOS- how great is it?! I'd wear this with a classic white shirt, a duffle coat and some boots, it's just a super fun piece.

Have you got a favourite way to wear tartan?

Olivia Ellen XXX

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