Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Boots Haul! // Skincare, Hair, Make-up

Do you ever get that time where you have such a long list of things to buy but can't decide which are most important? That's what happened to me lately so I headed to Boots with a list and although my local store didn't have everything I wanted, I managed to pick up about half of the list and thought I'd share these withy you today:

Since changing from face wipes to a cleanser (see a full post about the switch here) there's been a lot of cleansers that I've wanted to try. I didn't want to splash out on Bioderma and so instead I picked up the new Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water. It was on offer so only cost about £3 and I've heard good things about it, plus you get a lot for your money.

I repurchased the Boots Witch Hazel Gel- this is my skin savior when I get spots, I dab it on before bed and by the morning the spot is virtually gone. It's very cheap at just £1.99 considering it lasts for such a long time.

Another repurchase is the V05 Dry Shampoo, which costs around £3.50. I much prefer it to the Batiste one as I find it doesn't leave an odd colour on my hair, it feels a lot lighter and gives is so much volume too.

I love the Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation so was super excited when I saw they were bringing out a CC Cream. I picked up the shade 32 'Light Beige' which I think will suit me, and I have high hopes for this so I can't wait to try it and will probably do a full review of this at some point in the near future. I also finally gave in and bought my first Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I went for the shade 2 'Cool Medium', and this is so hyped in the blogging world that I really hope this lives up to my expectations.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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