Sunday, 20 April 2014

eBay Make-Up Brushes

It's no secret anymore that eBay do great make-up brushes for a bargain price. As some of my older brushes were looking a bit tatty I decided it was time to go on the hunt for a nice new set. Much as I love my Real Techniques and Bare Minerals brushes I wasn't willing to spend that much this time, so I found this set of 7 brushes on eBay for just under £7.

In the set you get three face brushes and four eye/lip brushes. My favourites? The big fluffy brush which I use for powders, the large angled brush which is perfect for blush, the round fluffy eye brush which is perfect for blending to create a soft smokey eye. I'm sure I'll also get use of the flat eye brush and the angled one if I want to use a powder to fill in my brows rather than pencil.

Obviously, the quality is what you pay for- I'm not expecting these to last a lifetime but I am impressed so far which how soft and dense these are, so I would definitely recommend them if you're on the hunt for a bargain.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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  1. I'm needing some new brushes, I think I might have a look on ebay after reading your blog


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