Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Shoe Unboxing! // Office Dahlia

I'm off to London this weekend (let me know if you want to see a post all about it!) which obviously is going to involve lots of walking round and I was really struggling to decide which shoes to wear. I have lots of comfy shoes but the only pair that I can walk miles in are my aztec Toms which aren't the nicest to look at, despite the jazzy pattern. So I headed to the shops and came away with these sandals which I adore.

They cost £48 which is a bit expensive but they are real leather so hopefully will last very long. The heel height is about 2.5 inches which makes them super easy to walk in. The leather is incredibly soft and they are just perfect for spring as they will keep my feet cool but still completely supported. They have rubbed me a little bit, but I'm planning on getting some gel heel inserts just to make them a little comfier. I have loads of things that these will go with so I'm so happy I found them!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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