Sunday, 6 April 2014

Galaxy Crystal Necklace

I am absolutely overjoyed with my latest jewellery purchase from Vintage Fashion Jewellery (although I got mine from their eBay store here). I have been after a crystal-esque necklace for such a long time, but whenever I see them they tend to be around the £20, an amount that I can't see myself spending on one piece of jewellery at the present time. I found this as it was featured in a wishlist on Helen's blog so I have to thank her for this amazing find. It only cost £5.99 (plus shipping).

It has a gold/bronze chain that is around 45cm long and the stone is gorgeous- they way it catches the light in a variety of colours just makes it so original. I've already worn this so much, I think it's a very summery piece that you can layer with other necklaces for a really cute look.

There are lots of similar necklaces with different types of stones on their website and I can no doubt see myself buying another soon. I instagrammed a picture (you can follow me here) of this and I am now on their website so go check them out!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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