Sunday, 17 August 2014

Oriental Lounge Pants

I've had these trousers a while but have only just gotten round to sharing them with you. When I first spotted them in store I thought the print and fabric were incredible (they're made of a loose silky material) and was thrilled to find that they actually suited me. As you probably know, I normally gravitate towards skinny trousers but these are so much more comfortable. You can really dress them up with sky high heels and a crop top, or go for something a little more casual as I did here.

I wore this look to a party on the day of my AS results, and they were so perfect for relaxing and sitting around in, but they still looked fab. For those of you interested, I got 2 As, a B and a C in my exams which I'm super happy with, but it definitely brought home the fact that this time next year I'll be off to university- how scary!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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