Friday, 22 August 2014

Shoe Unboxing // ASOS Simba Heels

"Another shoes unboxing already?!" I hear you cry. I know, it's only a couple of weeks or so since I did a last one but these are definitely a practical buy as I plan on wearing these when I go back to sixth form in September. I picked these out as I thought they were really cool- kind of smart but also king of edgy with the chunky sole. I love the two-tone effect, of the suede material in the middle with the patent toe and heel. They're going to be great for Autumn through to Winter as the grippy sole will be good if it gets a bit icy outside. Also when it gets cold they'll look super cute with some frilly socks or black tights. 

In terms of comfort I can't really say yet, as I haven't really been out in them yet however I reckon because of the sturdiness they'll be good for walking in. The heel height is about 2 inches- I am obsessed with shoes with this heel because they give me that little bit of extra height and make me walk taller but without being too dressy or challenging to walk in. They're pretty reasonably priced too and come in a leopard print version too which I love and am very tempted by. Let me know what you think!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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