Friday, 3 October 2014

September Favourites

It wasn't until I saw other blogger's favourites going up that I realised 'oh yeah, it is the end of September'. For me this is pretty scary as it means time to send of uni applications and I'm one month closer to lots of important decisions and exams. But hey, at least September has been a month full of fab things!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation: You can probably tell how much I've been loving this by the messiness of the bottle. Whereas before I didn't love wearing full coverage foundation in the day time (I found they just looked too heavy) this has been perfect and I think you get that flawless face with it still looking natural and not caked on. You can read my full review of it here!

ESPA ProCleanser: This is a sample size that was given to me at my local salon as they reckoned it would work well for my skin- and they were right. I haven't been using it long but I already really like it. It has little bursting exfoliating beads and has a pretty pleasant scent (though I can't put my finger on exactly what it reminds me of). You can also use it as a mask by leaving it on for about 15 minutes which I'm yet to try but will let you know how I get on with that!

Aloe Vera Vaseline: Ok, everyone's used Vaseline right? It's nothing particularly special but this little tin has been my savior this past month. My lips have been getting pretty dry at times and because this is not strongly scented or flavoured it really soothes my lips. I've been finding things like my Nivea Lip Butter has just been making my lips sore because of the strong flavour so the Vaseline has been spot on.

Topshop Denim Jacket: Boy, have I worn this to death. I can't stress enough how much it goes with everything (you can tell that just by looking through my latest outfit posts). I've already adorned it with so many cute badges and you can see me talk about it in more detail here.

ASOS Sugar Rush Heels: My latest shoe unboxing featured these babies and, like the denim jacket, I've worn these too much. Ok, there is no such thing as too much when shoes are this beautiful right? Putting them on my feet just makes me so happy due to their elegance and daintiness and the fact that they just dress up a simple outfit.

Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine: I have to admit that I haven't read much in September so my favourite book of the month has to be something that I'm still reading. If you're interested in feminism, sexism and gender then this is a really interesting book that explores whether men and women's brains are genetically different or whether the differences in gender are purely to do with with the society we live in (spoiler: it's the latter).

Olivia Ellen XXX

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