Friday, 10 October 2014

Shoe Storage

I was having a sort-out the other day and decided to rearrange some of my clothes. I put my summery clothes into storage and hung up my lovely warm jumpers. This also involved putting sandals and jelly shoes away, so I tidied up my shoe rack. This sits outside my bedroom between my study. On it  I'm keeping on it my most-loved or most worn shoes so they are easily accessed (or looked at in some cases).

On the top shelf I first have my new pair of Chelsea boots, which I recently picked up from you'll never guess where- Sainsburys. I was so surprised to see them but thought they were really nicely made and very reasonably priced too. I've worn them a few times already, but they will be especially good for when the weather gets very cold- plus they look fab with my duffel coat. In the middle are my most loved shoes (dare I say ever?!) which I've actually managed to wear quite a few times already. I intend to wear these a lot through the festive season, and hey- they're quite a treat for the eyes too. And finally the pair you've seen too many times- my Topshop Webb's. They've been my go-to shoes for going out for almost a year now and I can see them lasting me a lot longer. When I need that extra height and edginess they are perfect.

So the bottom shelf- I have to admit I rarely wear these sparkly heels from Next but I had to keep them out because of how lovely they are. They're fairly comfortable, but like all heels my feet start to ache after a few hours of wear. In the middle are a pair of simple black flats which if I remember correctly came from Dune. I don't often wear them anymore but I think they're a good pair to keep on the shelf in case a quickly need a pair of fairly cute flats. Finally are my Nikes which probably get the most wear out of any of my shoes. Do I really need to tell you again how comfortable they are?!

If you want a full shoe collection do let me know because, believe me, there are many more pairs which I keep tidied away!

Olivia Ellen XXX


  1. Great post! I've just taken all my summery clothes down from my wardrobe as well.
    And it's great when you find really nice things in places like Sainsburries isn't it?? Love those boots :) x

  2. Sainsbury's do have some nice things actually, probably because Gok designs everything haha. Yes definitely do a shoe collection, I love collection posts. x


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