Friday, 13 February 2015

Bit of a Beauty Haul!

I've been managing to convince myself lately that there were a lot of things I needed to buy, and because I have virtually no willpower when it comes to make-up, I thought I'd share my most recent beauty purchases with you.

I received a little gift set of Umberto Giannini products from Christmas containing a mini shampoo, conditioner and shine spray. Now while they were all nice products, the only one that blew me away was the Shine Glossing Mist. If I style my hair I sometimes find it looks a bit dull and a bit flat- this helps to add that 'wow'. I lightly spray it all over and it just adds that little bit more shine and just brings my hair to life. The size from the gift set was tiny so I was expecting the full size to be pretty pricey but it cost £5.40 in Boots which I was happy to pay and I'm really glad I discovered this product.

Next a highlighter from MUA- I'd seen a few people talk about this and thought it looked pretty, and so when I was after a new highlighter I knew exactly what I wanted. The Undress Your Skin highlighter only cost £3 and is really quite lovely- it is very shimmery but when applied to the tops of my cheekbones for a night out it catches the light really well. It kind of reminds me of my MAC Mineralise Skin Finish, but I actually think it's a little less powdery so if you're looking for a dupe I'd really recommend it.

My Maybelline Brow Drama recently ran out and I knew this time that I definitely didn't want to repurchase it- it was time for something new. I picked up instead the L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper which at £5.99 is a little more expensive but looks a lot better. I went for the shade Medium/Dark which looks about right for my natural brows but what really drew me in was the small brush which will hopefully mean I can be really precise in setting my brows. Plus, it looks like you get quite a lot of product for you money so I'll let you know how I find it!

Finally a couple of nail products- I was a little cheeky and have already used these Elegant Touch nails which is why the box looks a bit empty. I was really sick of my nails being so short and ugly at the moment so I wanted some falsies to cover them. They didn't have the glossy ones I wanted so instead I picked the Matte Ombre nails in Merlot. They actually looked really nice on and not too fake (I was worried the matte finish wouldn't look to good but I was wrong) and although they didn't last for long on my nails I can reuse them so I don't mind so much.

This is probably the biggest bargain of today's haul. I picked up this Illamasqua Nail Duo from TK Maxx for only £10 which I couldn't believe. A single nail polish from Illamasqua is normally around £15 so I was thrilled. The two shades I got were Viridian and Glitteratti which are lovely. They both look great with two coats but one still gives a pretty opaque finish. These are my first ever products from Illamasqua but I've heard such good things about the brand, and I'm hoping these gorgeous polishes will give me the intensive I need to get my nails back to their lovely long length.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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