Friday, 27 March 2015

USA Drugstore Wishlist

You may have seen my Sephora wishlist that went up last week where I mentioned that I was planning on getting a fair bit of beauty shopping done while I'm in New York next month. While there's a lot I have my eye on in Sephora, I'm also a big fan fan of drugstore products so I've compiled a little list I things I want to pick up while I'm there. I expect there'll be other things that catch my eye once I'm there but for now, here are my thoughts.

I have a couple of products from the Not Your Mother's range that are really great so I thought I'd pick up something else while I can. This Dry Texture Spray looks really great and could be a possible dupe for the Oribe one but is a lot cheaper at around £4. I've spoken multiple times about how much I love my NYX Butter Gloss so will definitely be picking up some more. Less than £3.50 for a brilliant lip gloss? Yes please!

The Covergirl True Blend foundation looks like it hints of L'Oreal True Match going on so that might be an interesting try. I've tried and loved one foundation from Covergirl in the past (unfortunately it's now discontinued) and for £7 it's not a disaster if it doesn't work for me. Another product exclusive to the USA are the Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks. I've had a look at some reviews and they look like creamy summery colours that I'm definitely interested in trying. While you can get the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polishes in the UK now, they're a lot cheaper in America (less than £7) and I've been looking to try them out for a while so this is something I can't wait to get. The only question is, which shade?! There's such a huge selection so it may take a while for me to decide!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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  1. The NYX butter gloss in Creme Brulee is my favorite lip gloss- it smells so good and it such a nice neutral color! Xxxxxxx


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