Sunday, 17 May 2015

Keeping Organised + Stationery Collection

I know I'm not the only who is obsessed with stationery in the blogging world but I can't explain what it is I really love about covering fresh blank paper in my own little scribbles and notes. I also know that I own an inexplicably large amount of notebooks and pads (many of them were gifts, many I bought myself because, why not?!) but it's fair to say that without them I'd be a lot less organised that I am. Today I thought I'd talk you through my favourites. 

Let's start with most important bit of kit I own: my diary. This gorgeous floral number is from Paperchase and contains my whole life- work shifts, school work, even my scheduled blog posts get noted down in here. Personally I prefer writing dates down rather than storing them on my phone although I don't think there's a real reason for this- I guess I just love having a pretty little book! I picked up the I'm Over It notebook in New York as I'd filled up my previous list book. Yes that's right- I have an entire notebook dedicated to making lists. There's something so satisfying about crossing things off once I've done them and it also helps me remember things I need to do or buy as I have a truly terrible memory sometimes. Plus it has funny statements all the way through such as II'm never drinking again' or 'I can handle this'- little lies we all tell ourselves which cheer me up!

The small notebook on the left is my theatre book. In case you didn't know, I also run a little theatre review blog as it's something I'm really interested in (Olivia Loves Theatre) and so this is the book I take to performances if I want to make notes on things to remember for when I write up a review. It's handy because it's really slim and compact so doesn't weigh me down. The elephant notebook at the back is one I love mainly for aesthetic reasons- the cover is made of fabric and the design is 3D with the paper inside being really good quality plain paper. It doesn't get loads of use but it sure is beautiful! 

I sure am a sucker for stationery that's a bit of fun. Whether it's sticky notes that are pencil shaped, patterned sticky tape or something with a punchy slogan, you know I'm going to want it! That's why I love the In My Humble Opinion... book. It has quotes about humans on one side and a space to right about your day/encounters on the other which is a bit of fun and a good way for me to get my feelings out. Another are the Please sticky notes with tick boxes on them. They're great because they get noticed so whatever is on them gets done quickly!

I'll finish off with a couple of creative things. Although you can't really see it on the picture, in the top left is a ring-bound scrap book which I've been making a start on. Everything is done so much online these days that I think it's really great to have some physical photos and memories so I'm enjoying spending some of my free time filling this in. Equally is the book of Secret Garden postcards that you colour in yourself before writing on the other side and sending them off. The patterns are so therapeutic and I'm looking forward to sending some of these to my friends when I go off to uni. 

While I was writing up this post I made the mistake of looking on the Paperchase website and I now have a list as long as my arm of things I think I need. Let's see how long I can resist!

Olivia Ellen XXX 

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