Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Shoe Unboxing // Lemon Block Heel Sandals

I've actually had these shoes for quite a while but they've been sat in my room in their box and un-photographed because I haven't actually worn them yet. But there's a good reason! These are the shoes I plan on wearing for my sixth form leavers dinner- I already have my dress (but you'll have to wait to see that) and thought these shoes would go perfectly as they keep with the summery colour scheme. Since I work over the road from a Dorothy Perkins I regularly find myself popping in there for a bit of a browse so I was really pleased to receive a gift card for the shop for my birthday. Just by coincidence I went in on a 20% day meaning I got a great deal for the shoes too.

The lemon and white block colours are really simple and sweet, and the 3 and a half inch heel means they're pretty easy to walk in. Now I'll be honest- I have a bit of a weird thing about feet and don't really like having them out but I'm going to conquer that to wear these shoes because although the straps are chunky, there's still quite a lot of foot out! As I say, I'll wear these for my leavers dinner but I also know that I'll get a lot of wear out of them after this- they'll look great with some white jeans or a lot of the dresses I own for an evening out. They're a really lovely summery shoe and at a great price too.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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