Sunday, 23 August 2015

ASOS Shoe Wishlist

Ok let's talk about my show addiction- it's seriously getting out of hand. I clicked onto my saved list on ASOS and was shocked by how many shoes I had saved so thought I'd share my favourites with you. I'm loving the classic court shoe shape at the moment, although I don't own many pairs like this as I find them pretty uncomfortable if I have to wear them for an extended period of time. This embellished pastel pink pair and this holographic snakeskin pair are stunning and would really jazz up a simple evening outfit of jeans and a blouse. I also adore the leopard peep toe pair as I'm still pretty obsessed with this print! Also shall we talk about the cuteness of these fluffy sandals?! If only there was more of Summer left these would look so cute with some little high-waisted shorts and a cami top.

Moving away from the super girly shoes to something more edgy- I love these strappy heels with the block heel, perfect for toughening up a look. They'd look great with some skinny black jeans and a leather jacket. Now onto boots which are, let's be honest, one of the only things I like about Autumn/Winter. I love the pair top left- a twist on the classic chelsea boot with a pointed toe and textured faux leather- and I'm definitely considering picking these up as they'd quickly become my staple shoe for the next few months. The studded pair are a very similar shape but are a little snazzier and would jazz up a simple outfit but still go with most things I own. Much as I love this snakeskin pair by Hudson these are definitely a dream item, coming in at £135. I just think they're so eye-catching and would make my staple outfit of jeans and a t-shirt a bit more exciting. Let's see if I can snap them up in the sale!

Olivia Ellen XXX

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