Monday, 3 December 2012

Trend of the Week: Leather

Hey guys, super excited to do this post because I LOVE LEATHER! I don't think I can actually describe how much I love leather, and I'm just super glad that this trend is around this year because it is something I've loved wearing for a while and now it's kind of acceptable! So as per, I have 4 items to show you, and personally leather is something which I find very easy to style, but I do think it is kind of grungy  can be quite gothic, but it can be styled in a more girly way too, it all just depends what you pair it with.

So first of all is a wardrobe staple for every girl, and it is a leather/biker jacket. If you don't have one, why not?! This will probably sound completely ridiculous to a lot of people but my life has changed since I bought my biker jacket (mine is from Miss Selfridge, about £55). It goes with everything  and when I say everything, I mean everything, and can instantly complete an outfit. Anyway, This one on the left is from ASOS and is £70, which is pretty pricey considering it's not real leather, but still, it's a lovely shape and has studs which makes me love it even more! As I say, this goes with everything- jeans and a band t-shirt for day, and then with a dress and some heels from a punky glam look.

Next are these incredible shorts from Motel and I am actually in love with these! I own a pair of leather shorts, but these are on a whole new level. The fit looks lovely, really snug and figure-hugging. Also they have studs all over the front panel which I just think looks amazing, and the studs are kind of pearly so add a touch of girliness to them. These are £48, which again is pretty pricey, but leather/faux leather is one of the more pricey trends around at the moment. These could be worn for day or night again, with some tights and a big jumper for a day look, and then with a lace top tucked in for an evening look.

Now is this leather-look dress from Topshop and being honest, I haven't really seen anything like this before, and I love it! I think this would look great with some Henry Holland Alphabet Tights and some Doc Martins. It would definitely be quite a bold look, so you'd have to be brave enough to wear it, but it's a statement piece and looks really fantastic. This is £55 and again (just realised how many times I've said this in this post but oh well) it can be worn for day and night!

So the final item I want to show you is this skirt from Oasis which I actually tried on in store last week. It costs £45 and I really do love this. It has a really nice A-line shape, it's not too tight so doesn't look too (dare I say) slutty. What I really love though are the quilted panels down either side, and the gold zip details that it has- it just adds something to the piece, makes it look a bit more luxurious that just a plain leather skirt. This would look absolutely fantastic with some Chelsea boots and a graphic print t-shirt like this one.

Are there any trends you want me to mention here
? Leave me a comment below.

Olivia Ellen XXX

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